asked questions
about cats

What are fleas?

The most common external parasite for cats is the
flea. They feed on a cat’s blood. They lay eggs that
can infest carpets, upholstery and bedding.

If I don’t see fleas, does that mean my cat doesn’t have fleas?

Not necessarily. Biting adult fleas comprise only about 5% of a flea infestation.

How do I know if my cat has fleas?

Signs of a flea infestation are more subtle for cats than on dogs, so they can be harder to notice. It requires owners to be observant and check the coat. Cats may exhibit scratching or excessive grooming. Cats may also appear restless and not quite themselves. Redness, inflammation or signs of flea dirt may be present when the hair is parted and skin examined.

Do I really need to apply Para|Defense®
for Cats every month?

Yes. Fleas are present year-round, even in colder climates. They are also found on indoor-only cats. And once you see one flea, chances are there are many more you haven’t seen.

Can I use Para|Defense® for Cats more than once per month if my cat has a really bad flea infestation?

Under normal conditions, this product is effective for a month. However, in the case of a severe flea infestation, retreatment may be necessary earlier than four weeks. On cats, do not retreat more often than once every seven days. After flea control is attained, return to a monthly treatment schedule.

Can I use a smaller dose of Para|Defense® for Cats on my kitten?

NO. Do not apply to cats or kittens under eight weeks of age or weighing less than five pounds. ParaDefense for Cats is available in two convenient sizes based on your cat’s weight, 5-9 pounds and over 9 pounds.

Can my cat be bathed after application?

Para|Defense® for Cats remains effective even after bathing or water immersion.

Can I use the Para|Defense® Advanced for Dogs product on my cat?

NO. DO NOT USE ANY PARADEFENSE ADVANCED FOR DOGS PRODUCT ON CATS. Keep cats away from treated dogs for 24 hours. If applied to a cat or ingested by a cat, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Can I use Para|Defense® for Cats if my cat is on medication?

If your cat is on medication, consult your veterinarian before using this or any other product.

Can I use Para|Defense® for Cats on other pets besides cats?


Why are there more fleas after applying Para|Defense® for Cats?

There actually aren’t more fleas. The fleas you see are moving away from your pet’s skin as they die, creating the appearance of more fleas. This is a sign that the product is working.

Where can I buy Para|Defense® for Cats?

ParaDefense for Cats is available exclusively from your veterinary clinic.

Who can I contact if I have questions about Para|Defense® for Cats?

For more information call our experts at 1-888-261-4657.

How do I apply Para|Defense® on my cat?