ParaDefense Advanced for Dogs

Repels and Kills Ticks, Fleas and Mosquitos

Jill Rappaort
Photograph by Christopher Appoldt
"Trusted flea protection, which is crucial for our pets, is now available as a low-cost alternative at veterinary clinics. I take great comfort in knowing all the rescue dogs and cats that will now have the opportunity to be protected thanks to Para|Defense." - Jill Rappaport
  Award-winning animal advocate,
journalist, and best-selling author

ParaDefense has partnered with Jill Rappaport, award-winning animal advocate, journalist and best-selling author, who is devoted to saving animals in need by encouraging and promoting rescues and adoptions. Jill's work has garnered her coveted honors including four Genesis Awards, the first "Voice for the Animals" Awards from HSUS, The Presidential Service Award for Media Excellence from the ASPCA among many others. ParaDefense has donated 1,000 doses of flea protection to local shelters in honor of Jill's commitment to pet health and rescue.

The difference is the price. Not the benefits.

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